Administrative Coordinator Appointment Scheduling

Please schedule a time to meet with Kati only if:
-You would like to review your budget for a grant before you submit a final proposal
-You have questions or concerns on crafting budgets
-You are a current Sorin Scholar or a freshman interested in applying to be a Sorin Scholar

If you would like me to review your budget proposal pre-grant, please make sure to fill out the budget form and submit it to at least 24 hours prior to our meeting time. Make sure to include your full name and a statement that it is a budget draft for review.

All appointments will be held in 110 Brownson Hall in the CUSE Office. The CUSE Office may be inaccessible to people with certain mobility limitations. I would be happy to meet with you in an accessible location if you prefer.
Questions? Email or call CUSE at (574) 631-0371

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